Liability Overview

If you have been injured in a slip and fall or other liability accident, The Law Office of Perry Dean Ellis can help. We have almost two decades of experience in resolving liability claims, and ensuring that you are taken care of. Call us at 404.870.9997 to get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions For Liability

Q: I slipped and fell while I was shopping, but don’t know what caused me to fall. Can I still get a recovery?

A: No. You can not get a monetary recovery for your injuries from a fall if you do not know what caused you to fall.

Q: I was injured when I fell, what do I do now?

A: If you fall in a store, report it immediately. If there are any witnesses, try to get their names on the incident report. Then seek medical treatment right away.

Q: I saw water on the floor and tried to go around it, but fell anyway, can I pursue a claim against the establishment?

A: No. You can NOT collect for injuries from a fall if you were aware of the hazard BEFORE you were injured.

Q: I fell in a store, but wasn’t hurt. However, the manager was rude and wouldn’t even help me. Is there anything I can do?

A: Not really. The law does not allow for common courtesy (unfortunately).

Q: Will your office pay for me to go see a doctor?

A: NO, unless you have a potentially serious injury and have already been to an Emergency Room.

Q: How do I get my bills paid?

A: There are several options available: Health Insurance and Lien
Health Insurance
| Lien

Q: If my case does not settle will you still pay my doctor bills?

A: Our office is not responsible to pay any bills unless we settled your case AND YOU HAVE AUTHORIZED US TO PAY OUTSTANDING BALANCES OR WE HAVE SIGNED A DOCTOR’S LIEN ON YOUR BEHALF.

Q: What are your attorney fees?

A: Our attorney fees are 1/3 of whatever money we recover for you in a settlement.

Q: Do I need an appointment?

A: Yes. However, most appointments can be made the same day if need be.

Q: I do not live in the city of Atlanta, and will not be able to make it into the office, is there anything that can be done?

A: Yes, although we prefer to meet with clients in person (at least for the initial visit) it is not mandatory that clients come in. There are other options available, please ask your attorney at the time of your call.

Q: When will I get my money?

A: Personal Injury settlements generally occur after the client is finished treating, but there can be some exceptions.

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