Specializing in Liability and Workers Compensation cases.

We'll work hard for you.

The Law Office of Perry Dean Ellis is dedicated to hard work and getting the best deal for our clients. Our mission is to make sure that you are treated fairly and to provide you with the best possible outcome to your case. Our team will provide the expertise and dedication necessary to win your case.

What We Do

The primary mission of the Law Office of Perry Ellis is quite simply, to help people who have been INJURED by giving them quality legal representation in a courteous, efficient and professional manner.  We help people injured on the job.  (Workers' Compensation cases)  We help people injured in motor vehicle accidents.  We help people who have fallen due to someone else's or some other place's negligence.  More specifically, our mission on each case is two fold.  First, we will get every client the best and most appropriate medical treatment for their injuries.  And second we will maximize the amount of money we recover on every injury case.

What Makes Our Practice a Cut Above?

What makes the Law Office of Perry Ellis special and a cut above all other law firms is how we go about our business. Each and every case that we have is handled by an ATTORNEY from start to finish.  We do NOT use investigators!!  When you hire the Law Firm of Perry Ellis,  you will talk with an attorney from the time you first contact the firm before you even sign the contract, all the way thru until the case is settled or decided in Court.  The biggest complaint I hear from prospective clients is that when they hired a lawfirm to represent them in an injury case, they never got to deal with an attorney at anytime.  I have always found that difficult to understand. We have excellent experienced legal assistants who assist on the cases.  It is my PROMISE that you will ALWAYS be able to communicate with an attorney on every step of your case.

Real Injuries Deserve Real Doctors

In addition if you have a REAL injury, we will get you to a REAL doctor.  I am sure most if not all of you have either experienced this personally, or had someone you know go to a law firm after being injured, get referred to a so called "medical clinic", get charged thousands of dollars for treatment that did not help.  And than ended up receiving a very small sum of money as their portion of the settlement, when they were still injured.  That WILL NOT happen at the Law Office of Perry Ellis.   We will get you to a "real" medical doctor.  We will get you all the tests that are being recommended to diagnose and treat your injuries.  And we will get these tests done in an economical fashion so as to put more money in YOUR pocket instead of the medical providers' pockets.  Without getting proper medical treatment, you can not receive a fair recovery.  It is that simple.

What You Can Expect

We will come up with a plan for YOUR case from the start that is well thought out, makes good practical and legal sense given the facts of your situation, and is easy to understand.  You will always know what is going on with your case, and where everything is heading.  Sure you may very well be in a difficult situation.  (That is why you needed a lawfirm in the first place.)  But when you hire the Law Office of Perry Dean Ellis, you will always have some comfort in knowing what we are trying to accomplish on your behalf and the status of your case.  We COMMUNICATE HONESTLY with our clients.  We will never tell you that you have a "great" case if it really is not a "great" case.  We will not say just what you want to hear, so you will hire us.  We will tell you the truth, so you can realistically know what to expect.

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